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In Spring Season 2021

April Greetings ...
Happy Birthdays in April ...
National Poetry Month
National Volunteer Month and Week ...
National Pet Month and Day, 04/01/2021 to 05/03/2021
National Burrito Appreciation Day, 04/01/2021
National Walking Day (first Wed.), 04/01/2021
Holy Week continues, 03/28/2021 to 04/03/2021
Holy Thursday, 04/01/2021
Good Friday, 04/02/2021
Autism Awareness Day and Month, 04/02/2021
International Children's Book Day, 04/02/2021
International Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, 04/02/2021
Holy Saturday, 04/03/2021
Easter Sunday, 04/04/2021
National Library Week, 04/04/2021 to 04/10/2021
National School Librarian Day, 04/04/2021
World Book Day, 04/04/2021
California Poppy Day, 04/06/2021
World Health Day, 04/07/2021
National Siblings Day, 04/10/2021
Golfer's Day, 04/10/2021
National Pet Day, 04/11/2021
National Peach Cobbler Day, 04/13/2021
Ramadan, 04/13/2021
National Gardening Day, 04/14/2021
World Art Day, 04/15/2021
National Volunteer Week 04/18/2021 to 04/24/20201
Earth Day, 04/22/2021
National Picnic Day, 04/23/2021
Great Poetry Reading Day, 04/28/2021
International Dance Day, 04/29/2021
International Jazz Day, 04/30/2021
Arbor Day, 04/30/2021
National Honesty Day, 04/30/2021

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Drama Days


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